Month: June 2016

With summer finally here, we have some top tips to help our pets whilst we are enjoying the sunshine and planning our holidays. Remember the danger of hot cars. Dogs rely on panting to cool down and in a hot stuffy car they can’t cope and they quickly overheat and it’s frightening how hot and… Read more »

Village Vet, Hampstead’s caring local veterinary practice, is getting stuck in to this year’s Hampstead Summer Festival in support of the event and its charitable causes. The Village Vet group are sponsoring the donkey rides at the event on Sunday July 3rd, which are being offered as part of the festival’s underlying theme of “Have… Read more »

The Team from Village Vet Ealing will be at the Party in the Park, Pitshanger Park on Sunday, 26th June, 2016 for the Village Vet Dog Show. We would love to see all our client there for what promises to be a great day! Held in Pitshanger Park at the end of June each year,… Read more »

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week, but how much do you know about our long-eared friends? Here are some interesting facts. 1. Rabbits are social animals. They can get sad and lonely without a companion. They enjoy the affection and company of other rabbits. A lack of stimulation can result in poor health and behavioural problems. The… Read more »

Last week we posted a photo on our social media channels of a fox cub that managed to find its way into the dishwasher of our very own Dr. Simon Hayes – he discovered the cub on Sunday evening and we still aren’t sure who was more surprised! You can read the full story in Simon’s blog and… Read more »

It is that time of the year again when the weather gets warm and the clear skies inspire us to spend more time outdoors with our cats. The important thing to remember is that warm weather can impact our furry friends. Here are some basic tips to keep our feline friends safe and sound during… Read more »