Despite the fact that the skin is the only organ that you can visualise, touch and smell, dermatological problems are difficult to diagnose and manage. Dermatology – the study of skin diseases – is arguably the most demanding discipline in small animal medicine. The skin can only react in a limited number of ways to a whole host of diseases, and as such unravelling the diagnosis is often likened to an investigation of a crime scene. i.e. Diagnosis is made usually by ruling out other possibilities one by one.

Here at the Village Vet, we have veterinary surgeons that have extra qualifications in veterinary dermatology. They are just as at home diagnosing the simplest of skin problems such as flea allergies as they are with the rarer diseases. If your animal needs to see a veterinary dermatologist a 45 minute appointment will initially be made (usually in the morning). During this time a history, clinical examination and basic tests will be undergone. If necessary your animal may need to stay in a little longer if more involved investigations are required e.g. skin biopsies taken or intradermal allergy tests performed.

Village Vet provides specialist help for any patients with dermatological diseases through London Veterinary Specialists. Our group specialist in this area is Dr Filippo De Bellis. Our facilities are fully equipped to investigate any kind of dermatological disease; we provide on-site intra-dermal skin testing, histopathology, microbial culturing and CT scanning for investigation of ear disease.

We consult on any type of skin disease, whether acute or chronic. Some of the common referral conditions we encounter are listed below:

  • Ectoparasitosis
  • Pyoderma
  • Alopecia and hormonal disorders
  • Keratinization disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Feet and claw diseases
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Chronic or recurrent otitis (we work hand in hand with our soft tissue surgeons to investigate this)
  • Skin neoplasia (in conjunction with our soft tissue surgery specialist, Dr Janet Kovak McClaran.