Tips for Travelling with Your Pet


With summer finally here, we have some top tips to help our pets whilst we are enjoying the sunshine and planning our holidays.

Remember the danger of hot cars. Dogs rely on panting to cool down and in a hot stuffy car they can’t cope and they quickly overheat and it’s frightening how hot and stuffy a car can become to a dog in a very short period of time. GoldenretreivercarbootThis can often prove fatal. Placing shades on the windscreen and leaving the window’s ajar are insufficient to keep things cool so please don’t leave your dog in the car in this weather.

Discuss your holiday plans with our staff. Give us a call to run through any planned trips with our vets and nurses to make sure your pet is fit and well for the journey and to check if there is anything you need to do before you set off.

Make sure boosters are up to date. If your pets will be going to a cattery or boarding kennels then they will need to have their vaccines up to date, and this shouldn’t be left to the last minute as boosters take some time to have their effect. An additional vaccine against Kennel Cough is advisable for dogs, and not always included in routine boosters so it’s worth discussing this with your vet a few weeks before they need to go in.

Have you got all the medication your pets need? It’s also important to make sure you have a good supply of any regular medications and ensure flea control and wormers are up to date and the microchip is working.

Make time to stop on journeys. Long trips in cars can get very hot and stressful for pets so it’s important that sufficient stops with the opportunity to drink, and in the case of dogs, to stretch their legs safely are planned.

Going abroad? Plan well in advance. The Pet Travel Scheme means it is possible to take your dog or cat with you on holiday to some overseas countries, but only if specific requirements, including Rabies vaccination, are met. Travelling abroad can also mean exposure to new diseases and parasites that we don’t normally see in the UK, so depending on your destinations extra precautions might be required. Speak with us at the earliest stage if you are planning a trip abroad for advice on the requirements. We also advise checking the Government website for further information.