Village Vet Community Talks Series – Tuesday 14 June 2016


Join us for the first of a series of free talks hosted by Village Vet at our facility at St Johns Wood on Tuesday 14 June, 2016. We are delighted to have Jenny Stephany as a guest speaker, she is a volunteer at Medical Detection Dogs, she will explain how the charity selects and trains dogs to detect changes in an individual’s personal… Read more »

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Melbourn Fete and Dog Show – Saturday 18 June 2016


Join us at our Dog Show at Melbourn Fete on Saturday 18 June.   The aim of the game is to have fun and our choice of classes definitely reflects this. We have classes for: Best Rescue Dog the Judge would most like to take home Waggiest Tail Dog who looks most like their handler… Read more »

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Friday 13th proves to be lucky for black cat Beyoncé


Black cats and Friday 13th don’t sound auspicious when joined together in the same sentence, but last Friday they proved to be just that for one little cat. This black one year-old was discovered early one morning in April in Belsize Village Square in London, too frightened to leave the cage in which she had… Read more »

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Hill’s Recall certain Cat Food Pouches


Pet food manufacturer Hills is recalling some of their cat food pouches from the Science Plan and Prescription Diet range. This is due to  an error by an ingredient supplier and the products contain high levels of iron.  Iron is an essential nutrient in a cat’s diet but too much iron may cause digestive upset, including… Read more »

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