Dental Care

Dental disease is the most common health problem diagnosed in cats and dogs. However, it is still underdiagnosed and undertreated. This is exacerbated by a “suffer in silence” approach which tends to be adopted by our pets. However, frequently these problems are painful and if identified and appropriate treatment instigated can be readily made pain free again.




What you can do for your Pet’s teeth.

So what can you do to prevent or treat dental disease? Monitor for any abnormal signs, including bad breath, change in chewing behaviour or sensitivity around the mouth. Bring your pet in for a dental check. Discuss an appropriate home care regime with your vet, tailored to your pet’s specific needs.



A regular dental check is highly recommended.  We (owners and your veterinary team) are our pet’s advocates. They rely on us to notice signs of disease and pain and act accordingly. Regular check ups and timely treatment can help to prevent chronic pain and infection and the need for extensive oral surgery. Don’t delay, book your pet a dental check up appointment now.