Dog Friendly Clinic Village Vet Hampstead

Dog Friendly ClinicWe are proud to be an accredited dog friendly clinic run by Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association. We are trained to reduce canine stress within veterinary clinics that directly improves patient welfare.

As a dog friendly practice, we:

  • Understand the dog’s body language
  • Keep up to date with research on emotional and physical health
  • Able to advise on dog friendly travel
  • Give behavioural advice for your veterinary visits – how to help your dog stay calm in the waiting area, during a consultation, and during an examination
  • Help you find training and behavioural support.

Our facilities as a dog friendly practice:

  • Separate dog waiting area, with treats and settle mats
  • Pheromone and herbal use in all clinical and non-clinical areas
  • Calming music in clinical areas
  • Dog-only kennels – with orthopaedic mats and soft bedding, half of the kennel covered for privacy, toys, raised bowls, and other enrichment tools
  • Tailored dog parks for patients that don’t tolerate kennels
  • Overnight hospitalisation with designated time to rest
  • Variety of diagnostic services provided with low-stress handling
  • Excellent surgical facilities for your dog and neutering advice
  • Nonslip floors and weighing scales

We have in house dog friendly advocates, Domante Semetaite and Isla Cheyne, who are happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

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