Spring hazards


Spring is an exciting time for most of us, pets included! Lighter nights mean more opportunities for being outdoors. To ensure a happy and safe season for your animals, take a minute to make yourself aware of hidden dangers which could lead to a poorly pet. Fleas, ticks and worms Whilst a year-round problem for… Read more »

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Signs & Methods for Pet Owners


Eight out of ten dogs, according to research, have trouble adjusting to being alone. Yet, half won’t exhibit any overt symptoms, making it easy for owners to overlook.

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Common allergies in dogs


From skin irritations to digestive issues, understanding and addressing common allergies in dogs is essential for ensuring their wellbeing. In this blog, we delve into the world of canine allergies, exploring their types, symptoms and effective management strategies.

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The top 12 most poisonous plants for pets


The sun is out, everything is in flower, and everyone has come out of hibernation: gardening season has begun! While this is a lovely time of year to spend with your pet, there are potentially poisonous plants in your garden that will affect cats and dogs. At Village Vets, we can assist you with pet-proofing… Read more »

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