About Village Vet

At Village Vet, we pride ourselves on always striving to match the needs of both you and your pet, providing special vets for your special pets

So – why should you choose Village Vet for the care of your pet?

  1. We are pet owners and animal lovers, who understand the joys of owning a pet, treat your pet as if it is our own, and understand how it feels when your pet is not well

  2. Most of our practices are open at least 9-7 every weekday, and at weekends, so you can bring your pet in at a time that suits you

  3. We have four Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accredited Veterinary Hospitals to the highest level, in London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge, staffed by staff so we are available at all times and we do provide 24 hr continuous care. Our hospitals take calls any time of the day or night, so you always have a friendly, knowledgeable person, with your pets medical records at hand, to give you and your pet the best help and advice

  4. We take the time to listen to you during our consultations. You are an important part of the recovery of your pets’ health

  5. We have a dedicated team of committed vets and nurses that we develop and support. Over 70% of the vets at Village Vet have a further qualification including Specialists. This maintains the high standards in veterinary care for the benefit of the pets we treat.

  6. Our vets are always keen to listen to your needs and concerns and create a tailor-made program for your animal’s particular condition.

  7. We have a great Pet Health for Life providing you with outstanding discounts.

  8. We have great online resources, so you can find out more about your pet’s ongoing health and happiness, along with online, text or letter reminders of when your pet needs their boosters and any flea or worm treatment.

  9. We are a part of the Linnaeus Group (a subsidiary of Mars Veterinary Health)

  10. We have the most fantastic, caring team, who are highly qualified and skilled in all of the different areas of medicine and surgery, so we can help your pet whatever their need, whenever they need. The teams at each practice and hospital have great pride in their work, and we have fantastic modern facilities and equipment, and a team that like to care for your pet as if it were their own.