Month: July 2017

Mast cells are cells that reside in the connective tissues, especially those vessels and nerves that are closest to the external surfaces (e.g.lungs, nose, mouth, skin). Mast cells contain histamine and heparin. They play a role in allergic responses, non-allergic skin disease, and wound healing. When mast cells replicate in high numbers in an abnormal… Read more »

Belle is a beautiful 6-year-old tortie who came to Village Vet with vomiting back in February 2016. Luckily her quick-thinking vet and dedicated owners promptly decided to send Belle to London Vet Specialists. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer, in her stomach. The specialist vet was able to advise on the… Read more »

Many people don’t realise that pets, like people, can get cancer too. There are varying degrees and progressions of cancer, so it is important to know some of the signs to watch out for. Some of these signs may be indicative of cancer or they may signify other health problems. Regardless, they should always prompt… Read more »