The importance of parasite prevention


Parasite prevention is an integral part of taking good care of your cat or dog. Parasites also pose a threat to human health. Some pet parasites cause zoonotic infections, which means they can be transferred from pets to people. Where and when can my pet get infected by parasites? Dogs and cats can get parasites… Read more »

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VN Awareness Month 2021 nurse profile – Tess Taylor


Name: Tess Taylor Title: Registered Veterinary Nurse How long have you been a veterinary nurse? I have been a veterinary nurse for four years. What is the most rewarding thing about this career choice? The most rewarding aspect of this career is to able to help pets lead happy and healthy lives whilst also supporting owners… Read more »

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Grass seeds and freshly cut grass hazards


It is the season when issues related to grass seeds are quite common in pets, especially for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. Grass seeds can attach anywhere, but they most commonly attach to long fur between the toes and around the ears. The ends are sharp, and so they work their way… Read more »

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Exercising your puppy and kitten


Puppies and kittens often have endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm, this is a great way to view the world, and we should encourage this optimism to help create confident cats and dogs. Harnessing this energy into appropriate exercise regimes will also result in happier, healthier pets. How much exercise does my puppy or kitten… Read more »

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