Puppy Parties and School



At Village Vet we believe that giving your puppy the best possible start is vital to ensure health throughout your dog’s life. Failure to feed the correct diet, vaccinate appropriately or deal with behavioural and training problems can all lead to irreversible problems later in life. To help prevent such problems, Puppy Parties and Schools are available at selected clinics.

Subjects covered during classes include:

• Nutrition
• Dental care
• Toilet training
• Flea and worm prevention
• Basic training, habituation and dealing with behavioural problems

These sessions are enormous fun and offer the opportunity for you to learn all about keeping your dog healthy and allow for your puppy to socialise with other young dogs in a relaxed environment. Please feel free to bring along other family members so that you can all learn together.

For more information about Village Vet Puppy Parties and Schools please give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and your new puppy soon!