Month: February 2021

Skin disease is quite common amongst pets, as up to 25% of small animal consultations relate to skin issues. Part of the reason why skin conditions are so common is that skin only reacts in certain ways despite many different causes. Don’t forget, ears are lined with skin as well. Skin conditions cause irritation and… Read more »

Your feline friend can always be at risk of contracting parasites with them being ever-present in our environment. However, regularly providing them with tick, flea and worm treatment is the best way to  protect them, your home and yourselves from infestation. Ticks Ticks are 8 legged creatures related to spiders and are most commonly found… Read more »

Your beloved dog is at risk of contracting parasites as they are ever-present in our environment, but you can keep your pet safe by regularly providing them with tick, flea and worm treatment. Ticks Ticks are related to spiders and have eight legs. There are several different ticks species, and they vary in size from… Read more »

Do you have a tortoise? If so, it is recommended to have a worm count carried out on your tortoise twice a year. A worm count can be carried out by obtaining a faecal sample, which can be tested in practice. It is common for tortoises to have a low-level worm burden; however, when this… Read more »

Scratching posts are essential items for cats. They provide a dedicated place for your cat to scratch and ensure that your walls and soft furnishings avoid unnecessary damage. There are many different types of scratching posts available suitable for all budgets. Some may come with hiding places, platforms at different heights and dangling toys. Things… Read more »

With Easter just around the corner, our opening hours will vary from our usual times. Please see below our opening times over the Bank Holiday weekend. Practice Name Good Friday Saturday 3rd April Easter Sunday Easter Monday May Bank Holiday Spring Bank Holiday Berkhamsted CLOSED 08:30 – 16:00 CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED Brackenbury CLOSED 08:30… Read more »