Seven summer safety tips for cats



It is that time of the year again when the weather gets warm and the clear skies inspire us to spend more time outdoors with our cats. The important thing to remember is that warm weather can impact our furry friends.

Here are some basic tips to keep our feline friends safe and sound during the summer:

1. Provide parasite prevention. Cats roaming outdoors are susceptible to tick and fleas. Visit your nearest Village Vet practice for advice on which tick and flea preventive measure is appropriate for your cat and get her started on it prior to letting her roam the great outdoors.

2. Prevent sunburn. Many people are surprised to know that cats are at risk of sunburn. The most susceptible areas are the tips of the ears. Limit the number of hours she spends outside and make sure she has access to adequate shade.

3. Access to fresh water. Just like humans, a cat outdoors can become dehydrated so make sure you provide access to fresh water at all times.  Keep the water in a shaded area so it does not evaporate quickly.

4. Poison awareness. The freshly manicured lawns that are all too common in the summer months come with the hidden dangers of pesticides and poisons. It is important to read product labels before purchasing lawn care products to make sure they are safe for cats.

5. Never leave your cat in a parked car. People underestimate how quickly the temperature in a car can sky-rocket to dangerous levels.  Even if you think you will be gone for a short time, your car can quickly turn into a hot oven. Your cat could fall victim to heatstroke in a relatively short period. Severe heatstroke can be deadly and immediate veterinary assistance is needed. If you’re driving around with your cat in the car, bring water and a water dish and take your pet with you when you leave the car.

6. Haircut. If your cat has a thick coat, consider getting her a haircut and she will thank you for it.

7. Monitor the paws. Check her paws often, hot pavement can cause injuries that require treatment.

Last but not least, if the weather is too hot for you, chances are it is uncomfortable for your cat as well. Enjoy the heat in moderation and use the aforementioned tips to have a fantastic summer!