You may never need to give it any thought but, if your pet should ever require an operation, the calibre of our surgical resources and anaesthetics are second to none.

Only the best for your pet
Advances in veterinary medicine and surgery are ongoing, and we believe in offering the very safest treatment and care available. Naturally, they may cost more, but we know for certain that there are significant benefits to be gained over traditional options.

Setting standards high for you
Our promise to set the standards is delivered through the calibre of our vets (many are specialists in their field) and, of course, our nursing teams. This, along with the advanced nature of our equipment and facilities, plus our choice of the most modern anaesthetics, means that your pet couldn’t be in better hands.

Surgical excellence at every level
Our surgical equipment is of the highest quality, much of it purchased from human hospitals and spans all procedures from delicate eye surgery to fracture repair to surgical treatment of the spine. Our surgeries are a testament to our philosophy too, with dedicated, sterile operating theatres, tables and lighting. Pain relief, even for the smallest procedure, is paramount in our minds and attention is paid to every detail. The resident surgeon, Laura Woodward, has a wealth of experience of orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical procedures. Village Vet has access to specialist level soft tissue surgery at London Vet Specialists.

An unrivalled safety with anaesthesia
Safe anaesthesia is paramount at the Village Vet. The surgical nurses are highly trained in modern anaesthetic monitoring techniques, and all patients under anaesthesia are also monitored with equipment similar to that used in human theatres.

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