Month: April 2013

Labrador and Golden retrievers have a reputation for being greedy and this is reflected by their being a high risk breed for developing obesity – both breeds have had being overweight flagged for special attention in the Kennel Club’s Breed Watch scheme.  But why?  A new study is trying to answer that question and they… Read more »

This cold spring is very bad news for tortoises. If they cannot get warmed up and eating quickly they can become seriously ill or die. If your tortoise is still hibernating you should get him up NOW and keep him indoors under a heat lamp until the weather warms up. It is very easy –… Read more »

We understand that a trip to the vets can be a trying time for any pet, but it can be especially stressful for cats. Cats are sensitive animals and the whole experience of getting in the cat carrier and journey to the clinic together with the sights and smells of a strange enviroment can be upsetting. We… Read more »

BRINGING YOUR CAT TO THE VETS– top 10 tips! At Village Vet we all understand how stressful it can be bringing your cat to the vets! However, a number of simple measures can make the whole process more tolerable for cats and owners alike! Ensure you have a robust carrier which is easy to clean.… Read more »