Village Vet Potters Bar is officially Cat Friendly


We understand that a trip to the vets can be a trying time for any pet, but it can be especially stressful for cats. Cats are sensitive animals and the whole experience of getting in the cat carrier and journey to the clinic together with the sights and smells of a strange enviroment can be upsetting.
We go out of our way to try make the experience as pleasant as possible by thinking how the visit is seen from a cat’s point of view and adapt our waiting rooms & hospital accomodation accordinly. Of course all our staff are trained and sympathetic to cats to help make them feel at home.

This has now been recognised by ISFM, an international veterinary organisation dedicated to the well being of cats. They advise and access clinics on how cats are welcomed and treated at a clinic and if they are satisfied they award the practice  their prestigious “Cat Friendly” status.

Village Vet Potters Bar has now recieved this award and is officially “Cat Friendly” so you cat can be sure of a warm and relaxed welcome when they come in. Of course Charlotte and the team and happy to give any help and advice so before you set out for your appointment please give them a call. They can share their tops tips on travveling to the clinic with your cat.

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