Taking Your Cat to the Vet



At Village Vet we all understand how stressful it can be bringing your cat to the vets!
However, a number of simple measures can make the whole process more tolerable for cats and owners alike!

  1. Ensure you have a robust carrier which is easy to clean. For getting cats in and out, top loading ones are best
  2. Put some clothing in the carrier that smells of the cat’s favourite person
  3. Wipe a soft cloth around the cat’s face to pick up his/ her scent and place it in the carrier
  4. Spray the basket and contents with Feliway (a synthetic feline pheromone which helps cats to feel secure, available from your vet) at least half an hour before you go
  5. If you cat panics at the sight of the carrier try to get him in safely and gently at the first try. Have the carrier close by but out of sight. Wrap the cat in a thick towel (preferably one which smells familiar) and pop him/ her (and the towel) in quickly so that he/ she cannot grab the carrier and struggle and escape for the rest of the day!
  6. Keep the container covered with a cloth during the journey
  7. Secure the carrier in the foot-well behind the front seat or strap in using the seatbelt
  8. Drive carefully so the cat is not thrown around the car and refrain from loud alarming music!
  9. Talk quietly and reassuringly and stay calm yourself
  10. In the waiting room – continue to keep him/ her covered. Choose the quietest location and if possible place them on a chair (cats prefer being higher up) rather than placing them on the floor