Summer Allergies


Along with the fine weather in summer comes the discomfort of allergies. We all know how irritating and unpleasant hayfever can be and how many of us need treatment and help so we can enjoy the sunshine.

The same is true for our pets, Dogs don’t get hayfever in the same way as we do, but they can still suffer. Summer allergies in dogs can cause itching and irritation of the ears, chewing of the feet or scratching on their chests, underarms and legs.

We would advise all our clients to look out for any of these signs as left untreated they can cause real discomfort and irritation for our pets. If you have any concerns then pop into your local clinic so we can check them over.

We can do a lot to help your pet and avoid this suffering. Firstly we have a range of products from injections, and tablets through to spays and shampoos that can quickly help sooth the problem. We can also do a simple blood test to help us identify the cause of the allergy. This in turn allows us to  desensitise your dog and “cure” the allergy.

Please don’t forget that fleas that are a particular problem at this time of year and can sett of allergic scratching and irritation. It’s important to make sure you have the best flea prevention. You can speak to our teams at your local clinic for the best advice on which flea product will suit you and your pets . These products are available at the clinic or why not visit our online Pet Portal and Pet Shop where you can purchase the best flea products available.