Lovely Luna


In early November, a member of the public came with Luna stating that he had found her on the M25 motorway near Heathrow, the team at Village Vet Ealing took her in gave her a quick look over and some food. She was not microchipped and didn’t have a collar.

luna-catThe team shared her photo on social media and in missing cat groups, it was shared over 100 times, but no one came forward to claim her. While looking after her, we performed a few tests and examinations to find that Luna had a fractured pelvis and was on strict cage rest with painkillers.

Our colleague, Charlotte took her home for a week or so so she could have rest and lots of love and kisses. She came back to work with her every other day to make sure she was doing okay. She was so affectionate and sweet with the loudest purr the team couldn’t believe no one wanted her.

We had a lovely couple call and asked us if the practice had any strays that needed re-homing, the team explained that they had Luna (a name that Charlotte had given her). They seemed very keen to meet her, and they came in later that day, Luna seemed to warm to them straight away and vice versa. Their details were passed on to David, our Head Vet, who david-ealingexplained the depth of her injuries and that there was still a statutory wait by law before they could have her. The date came and went, and Luna’s new owners were over the moon to go and collect her a few days later. They kept her name as Luna and kept her registered, so the practice team will still see her often and have plenty more cuddles. Luna seems very happy, and we’re pleased to have helped her find her new life long home.