CT Scans in Veterinary Medicine


Your vet may refer your pet for a CT scan, an essential tool for diagnosing certain conditions which are otherwise difficult to detect. CT scanners provide X-rays of your pet’s internal organs and bones to enable your vet to prescribe the best internal medicine, orthopedics, soft tissue, ear nose and throat and dentistry treatments.

CT scans are an essential tool for veterinarians:

  • to identify tumoursct-scan-machine
  • to diagnose soft tissue injury
  • to see what is going on in difficult-to-reach areas.

Rest assured that your pet won’t feel any discomfort. Since he or she must remain still during the scan, he or she is sedated by a qualified anaesthetist. The table on which he or she is laying will then advance slowly into the CT scanner for the imaging to take place. The result then appears on a monitor for a qualified technician to review.

Having our own in-house specialist allows us to interpret the images promptly and work out the best treatment for your pet promptly and those requiring follow-on surgery can then proceed without delay for a safer patient experience. Your pet also benefits from a shorter period of anaesthesia.

The imaging equipment available at Village Vet is the General Electric Brivio CT 385 scanner. This 16-slice CT scanner produce high-resolution images quickly, enabling in-depth investigation of a variety of diseases, while the anaesthetic times are kept to a minimum.

This state of the art equipment is maintained in optimal condition under service a contract with the best technicians in the industry.