Helping your pet cope with fireworks


We are coming to the time of year when fireworks are used to enliven many a celebration. But for many of our pets it’s an unnerving time of loud bangs, unexplained flashes and strange smells. There are things you can do in preparation for any up and coming events to help make this time enjoyable for you and your pet.

We’re Here To Help. If you have any concerns then call your local Village Vet Practice where the Vets and Nurses can give you help and advice. If your dog or cat is particularly affected by fireworks they could refer you to a specially trained pet behaviourist for more detailed advice.

Make your home feel safe and secure:- The noises and flashes from fireworks can come right into your home, invading your pets own safe space. By building and “den” or “bolt hole” you can provide them with there own safe space. This could be a cardboard box away from windows and outside walls, or space under the stairs. Try to choose a place where they will be relaxed and comfortable. This is not somewhere to shut them in, the entrance should be wide and easy for them to come and go, it’s somewhere they can retreat to if they feel threatened. Placing a familiar blanket inside can make it feel more like home, as can their toys. Encourage them to use it at normal times so they become accustomed to the area. They may choose there own place which is great, as long as it’s safe and not in your way!


On the Day

Always try to act calm and relaxed around your pet, keep your voice in a normal tone and try not to sound anxious. Walking your dog after dusk could mean you out when the fireworks start. Perhaps get your dog use to an earlier walk so they are safely home by nightfall.

Feliway & Adaptil

Cats and dogs produce certain pheromones when they are happy and contented. Feliway and Adaptil recreate these pheromones and can help reduce stress and keep your pet calm. Adaptil is for dogs and comes as a plug in diffuser or a collar, Whilst Feliway is for cats and available as a diffuser or a spray. These can be easily purchased in our clinics, or at our online shop.


We would hope that in most cases by following these steps it should not be necessary to use medication at help your pet at this time. If you feel this might be necessary then it’s important to make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible to discuss options and also to check your pet for any other health issues before starting treatment.


Should your pet go missing for any reason a microchip is the best way to help to get them identified and returned home. A microchip is a tiny electronic chip which is injected into your pet as simply and quickly as any other injection. Stray pets are routinely scanned for the microchip by vets, rescue kennels, stray dog homes, to provide in moments the pet’s owner and details. We can microchip your pet and give you instant peace of mind.