30 Years of Village Vet



Over the past 30 years, Village Vet has developed from a tiny simple and basic practice that has been present for close to 100 years, in Belsize Village, into a leading 30 site vet group known and respected throughout the UK and beyond. I could speak about our superb facilities and probably some of the most modern primary care vet hospitals in the UK or the amazing array of sophisticated equipment. But when I look back over 30 years what really makes me proud is the quality of our veterinary team. And it’s not just that they are excellent vets and superb nurses and receptionists and managers, but that they have all bought into the Village Vet ethos. They are all team players, willing to support each other, work together in some very stressful situations and extending themselves in many ways to be the best vet or nurse that they can be. They ensure that Village Vet provides an exceptional veterinary experience to each and every client 24 hours a day every day. And this has been the same ethos since 1988 when we were just a team of 3 until today when we are a team of 350.

Village Vet will continue to be an innovative and accomplished group providing superb veterinary care by professionals who excel at their job, but even more important, is that we are a team of people who care for each other, for our clients and for their pets.

Brendan Robinson

Founder & Managing Director