Video Consultation Service



Our Video Consultation Service uses technology to allow our veterinary team to assist you when we’re not able to provide care and treatment in the surgery – which is particularly important during the current COVID-19 situation.

Using a technology platform called Vetstoria, our vets can give you general advice, help monitor and update treatment for pets already under our care. In certain circumstances, we may be able to provide veterinary attention to new cases, where no other more suitable arrangements can be made.

  • Get advice without visiting the practice
  • Same cost as a standard consultation (£45) which has to be paid prior to the consult via a credit or debit card.
  • Call our practice and we’ll discuss the most appropriate way to manage your request

How does it work?

1. For a video consultation, you can use the below Vetstoria platform to book a slot and it will send an email to confirm the details.
2. The appointment will then take place as planned as a video consultation with an appropriate member of our Practice team who will have access to your pet’s notes, we already have available in our practice.
3. Please note that you will require a device with a camera and microphone to engage in a video consultation.

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Following professional guidance from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)

Vets work under professional guidance from the RCVS and the Medicines Act; this restricts what can be carried out remotely to diagnose and treat your pet when they are unwell.

Currently, in the circumstances of the coronavirus outbreak, the RCVS has introduced temporary permission to remotely prescribe medicines where it is appropriate and no reasonable alternative is available, such as when an owner must remain isolated at home or treating a pet in practice is not practical.

Under these circumstances, a video consultation might be appropriate. In the first instance, please call the practice and we will discuss the best way to manage your request.

Video Consultation Service terms and conditions

1. Our vets will be able to give general advice, help monitor and update treatment for pets already under our care. We may be able to provide veterinary attention to new cases where no other more suitable arrangements can reasonably be made.

2. Any agreed video consultation must be pre-booked and is subject to availability.

3. Fees for Video consultations will be £45. Payment will be taken prior to the video consultation appointment. Payment for any further treatments or medication will be taken after the consultation. You will need to call the practice to agree on how medication can be obtained (if posted, an additional delivery charge will apply – depending on the delivery service requested). Please note that if the outcome of the video consult is that your pet needs to be seen in practice, the video consultation charge will be refunded and the standard price for a consultation at the practice will be charged in clinic – this cost can vary depending on site and on the timing of the appointment, with out-of-hours consults being priced differently to appointments during normal hours.

4. The video consultation will take place using the technology platform Vetstoria. You will be responsible for all costs charged by your network provider relating to the use of this service.

5. Use of this Video Consultation Service will be subject to our privacy policy which can be found here.

In addition, our standard terms and conditions will apply. They can be found at here.