Struan Henderson

Struan graduated from the the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 2002, and started his career in a companion animal practice in Birmingham.  These primary years were spent dealing mainly with dogs and cats, however it was in exotics that his interests truly lay.  This was later pursued and led to the establishment of an exotics department at this practice in Birmingham, in 2006, which has grown to employ four exotic pet vets to cope with caseload demand, as of 2012.  In addition to pet species, work here also involved dealing with the first opinion and emergency care of animals at the inner city nature centre, as well as assisting the RSPCA with cruelty cases involving exotic pets.

Struan’s interests initially involved reptiles, which was largely brought about by his keeping and breeding of tortoises as a teenager.  He has also owned pet snakes.  Latterly, he has broadened his interests to include avian medicine and surgery, and recently spent over two years working in an avian and exotic pet practice in Dubai, UAE.

He has completed a wide range of veterinary courses targerted towards exotic pet species, including being in the first group of vets to complete the General Practioner Certificate in Exotic Animal Practice (course only).  Most recently, he attended a reptile endoscopy wetlab, at the veterinary college in Barcelona, Spain.  In Dubai, his clinical duties involved avian diagnostic and surgeries on a daily basis, on falcons as well as parrots.  Video endoscopy was routinely practiced as a result.

At both of the above mentioned practices, Struan dealt with first opinion as well as referral cases (birds, reptiles, and small mammals and rodents), and he would welcome these now that he is working at Village Vet Potters Bar.

He is a member of the British Veterinary Zoological Society, and is enrolled on the RCVS Advanced Veterinary Practice Certificate in Zoological Medicine.

He currently owns three boisterous and amusing parrots, which include a blue-fronted Amazon, an African grey, and a sulphur-crested cockatoo.  He also has a very good natured and tolerant dog, who copes amazingly well with her noisey feathered companions!

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