Fay Cavanagh

Fay joined the practice in early 2014 as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. You will notice very quickly her distinctive Geordie accent!

Fay has worked in the Veterinary field for several years, but qualified as an RVN in 2012 at Newcastle College. After working in several practices in the North East, Fay relocated to the area with her partner Alan and their entourage of pets!

Fay has always been surrounded by animals and got her first pet at 4 years old, Jess, a black and white cat.

It became apparent at an early age, that Fay was destined to work with animals. At the age of 6, Fay went missing at a city farm. After her parents had franticly searched for her, she was found in a pigs stall amongst the sow and her piglets!

Fay enjoys all aspects of her role as a RVN. Everyday is different, you never know what to expect.

Fay spends her spare time volunteering at a local wildlife rescue and caring for her ‘zoo’ at home.

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