Insurance (kitten)

Getting your pet insured can give you peace of mind. Having a sick or injured pet is worrying enough, without having to worry about the cost of treatment.

At Village Vet, we do everything we can to ease your pet’s suffering and make sure it makes the best possible recovery. Our rates are highly competitive but if your pet needs a lot of care, the bill can mount alarmingly.

The last thing you want to do is give your pet anything less than the best care that’s available, but you may have some very difficult choices to make if you reach the limit of what you can afford.

Nobody likes paying out for the premiums but it can be a lot better than the anxiety of leaving yourself uninsured.

Make sure your insurance provider covers all the bases:

  • Does the policy provide ‘life-long’ cover for ongoing conditions?
  • Are vet benefits ‘per condition’ or is there a maximum amount for all conditions?
  • Do benefits ‘re-charge’ every year that the policy is in force?
  • Does the excess need to be paid once per condition or annually per condition?
  • What is the excess? What is the co-payment and when does it apply?
  • Are direct claims possible from this insurer?
  • Besides cover against vet fees, what else does the policy include as standard?