Vet24 – Out of hours care for your special pet



It’s 2am and your pet is feeling extremely unwell. It is the nightmare scenario for every pet owner. Should you wait until the morning and try to get an appointment with your vet? Who do you call in such a challenging situation for some urgent advice?

Our teams are trained to deal with the wide range of problems that can occur at any time, from some very serious conditions right down to those niggling issues that just won’t wait till everyone’s back at work. It’s no trouble to us if you call for advice, even if you’re not sure if it’s an emergency. In fact, we’d much prefer the call, as sometimes a bit of advice can sort the issue out much more easily than waiting until it gets worse.If its enough to worry you, then we can help. Our telephone numbers will take you straight through to our Emergency Nurse on duty who can advise you on whether a visit is necessary.

A key differentiator between a proper 24 hour veterinary hospital and a standard vet practice that offers out of hours services is the personnel that are on duty. While some places choose to fill their roster with students and recent graduates to cover late night and holiday shifts, at our Vet24 facilities you will get a well-trained, seasoned veterinary professional that will be able to provide the highest level of care to your beloved pet. We take our round the clock veterinary care coverage very seriously. The teams are working nights, not just on call and always have the back up of our RCVS recognised specialist in emergency and critical care. Critical cases can be transferred to London Vet Specialists when appropriate, which is based within our 24 hour emergency hospital.

The difference also extends to the equipment and facilities that are available 24 hours. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is the heart of each of our Vet24 centres. You will find the wards, examination areas, monitoring equipment, oxygen kennels and infusion pumps all accessible to our top notch professionals. All of the daytime facilities can be used. What this means is that your pet does not have to wait around to get access to the best equipment when timing is of the essence, because our facilities run around the clock and the highly trained vets that utilise this equipment are readily available. No more waiting until the next day to take that urgent test when we can do it right away.

So the next time you have an out of hours emergency, our team will be happy to see you and your pet, even if it’s just to put your mind at rest and give you a night of sleep.