United Kingdom of Cats and Dogs


The folks at Sainsbury’s have created an interactive pet map of Britain that lets visitors enter their postcode and find out whether dogs or cats are more popular where they live, and to discover what the top breeds in their area are. You can take a look at the Pet Map at this link

Using the tool, we’ve been able to find out lots of revealing pet facts about Britain. For example, did you know that 46% of people prefer dogs to cats compared to 30% who like cats better? And that Newcastle has the highest percentage of households with dogs, and Norwich has the highest percentage with cats.

They have also discovered that the benefits of pet ownership include overcoming loneliness (29%), improving fitness (28%) and combatting depression (24%). And some 18% say their pets have helped them to be increasingly sociable by meeting more people, and 6% say they helped them to cope better with their disability.