“Dear all, Many thanks for having me over the last 8 weeks. Village Vets is a wonderful place to work and you should all feel very proud with what you have achieved. Whichever branch I’m at people are friendly, welcoming and supportive. All your staff smile and love being a part of the VV. This is a unique culture and something I have never seen to this strength in larger vet corps. Your firm values (client empathy, team work, patient care) are clear in all aspects of the VV business. Your clinical standards (led by Sean) and employee engagement are second to none. I wish you all every success in the future as you expand and grow, and I look forward to working with you all again soon when and if the opportunity arises.”
Andrew Andrew Moffatt BVSc MRCVS (OV) Clinical Director

“From the first meeting with Brendan Robinson and Ashley Gray of Village Vet to develop their online portal their approach has been innovative and very refreshing. Providing the highest level of patient care and customer service have always been key drivers in the project which they have held us to deliver. As a result the Village vet portal has been refined to enable clients to get access to information about the health status of their pets and supplying them with a lot of other information on the site to help them understand more about the conditions that their pets have. This really empowers the owners and increases the active involvement of owners in the health of their pets as a result. This is so “on message” for the current sometime insatiable appetite of pet owners for information about how to look after the four legged members of their family. Full marks to Village vet for spotting this trend and delivering.”
Mark Johnston MA VetMB PhD MRCVS (Managing Director Vetstream Ltd)

“Commitment, enthusiasm and ambition to be the best: This, for me, encapsulates much of what makes Village Vet Group both special and unique. Combining professionalism with fun, the Village Vet team are driven to continually improve, which drives their success today and ensures it for the future. Have I enjoyed working with them? – YES! Would I trust them with my pets – YES! Would I recommend them? – Absolutely!”
Caroline Johnson, Vetpol Ltd

“Village Vet is an amazing place. I first met the people of Village Vet when I went to give a CPD lecture at their Annual Congress. I was really taken back by what a caring, friendly and cohesive team of people they are. Brendan Robinson, the charismatic boss of Village Vets, clearly cares about all of his staff and the overwhelming feeling of camaraderie was palpable. By working as such as strong team they create a great place to work in, which allows them to focus on the care of their patients and practice veterinary medicine to an exceptional standard.”
Professor Danièlle A. Gunn-Moore BSc BVM&S PhD FHEA MACVSc MRCVS, RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine

“At Village Vet, I discovered a progressive, enthusiastic and caring attitude from both senior management and staff. The commitment to continuing education and team work was plain to see, and the determination to produce the best from staff was palpable. What’s more, the culture I experienced was one that had not lost sight of why people entered the veterinary sector in the first place.”
Professor John Innes

“I have had the pleasure to work closely with Village Vet for the last two years, and believe they are one of the most progressive veterinary businesses that I have dealt with. Their philosophy and strategy is very forward thinking. The staff all enjoy being part of the Village Vet Group, and they work hard and play hard.” Bobbie Flight, Intervet / Schering – Plough Animal Health

“Just wanted to drop a line to you …. and say that the service Village Vet offers is fantastic and first-rate. Good vet nurses and great care. The updating of the referring practice and the stress on writing clear and concise notes to help the referring practice shows the importance that Village Vet place on patient care. It was a pleasure working at Village Vet, what you have going there is super. The Hampstead team are great, easily some of the best vets I have worked with! Thanks again.”
Jon Rubin, BVSc MRCVS