Staff role: Regional Support Manager

Lynn joined Village Vet in 2003. Lynn started at Village Vet as a Head Nurse for Village Vet Ealing and worked there for 3 years. After discovering her passion and aptitude for management, Lynn moved to Cambridge to become the Regional Support Manager.

Just as the veterinary staff take care of the animals, her role is to take care of the expanding number of practices, ensuring all our clients receive the best possible service and their pets receive the highest standards of care available. Lara is always interested in hearing your feedback as we constantly look to improve… Read more »

Anna joined Village Vet after working as a manager in a variety of sectors. Anna was excited when the opportunity arose to work as Regional Support Manager.  Anna now manages Village Vet St Albans, Potters Bar, and the Cattery.  She enjoys how fast-paced and diverse each day is.    

I’m Becky, and I’ve been part of the Village Vet team since June 2016. I started out in the veterinary industry in 1996 as a student veterinary nurse, in 2002 I began working as a practice manager and decided that this was where my passion was. I love working at Village Vet because no two… Read more »