Maleeha Chowdhury

Maleeha Chowdhury

Patient Care Assistant

I have recently moved to the UK in the hopes of qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse. I joined the Village Vet family in January 2022 as a PCA and it already feels like I am right where I should be. I have a Master’s degree in Teaching (primary) from the University of Sydney, Australia but one fine morning I decided to quit my teaching job and started caring for animals in my neighbourhood. There hasn’t been a moment when I looked back and regretted my decision.

Ever since I was a baby, I have loved animals and finally, I get to care for them and enjoy all the different aspects of working with them on a daily basis. I am hopeful that I would gradually be able to specialise in critical care and emergency medicine.

When I am not at work, I rush home so that I get to snuggle up with my fur-babies. There is something other-worldly when it comes to being amidst 2 German Shepherds and the cuddliest/ snuggliest Golden Retriever in the world! With this, I like to add some hot vegan comfort food and a good series or a marvel movie and voilà you are instantly recharged, all ready for the next day. (Photographer with myself is my daughter Princess Venus).

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