Jenny Polfrey

Veterinary Nurse

Jenny Polfrey is one of the Registered Veterinary Nurses here at Village Vet Milton.

Ever since she can remember, she has always wanted to work with animals. She of course went through the usual phases of wanting to do other things such as being a major Hollywood actress or a glamorous air hostess, but deep down her passion was always animals.

She always grew up with a dog in the house and her mother always took her along to look after and ride her horse – however, the passion for horses never really caught on with Jenny, she much preferred the smaller animals!

She originally aspired to become a Veterinary Surgeon, but after starting as a kennel assistant in 2001, she soon changed my mind and realised the Nurses got to do more of the hands on care.

She started her Nurse training in 2003 in a small practice in her local town. She qualified in 2007, which is when she started her journey with Village Vet at their Longstanton branch. I enjoyed 4 lovely years with the team at Longstanton, during which time I progressed to Head Nurse. I soon realised I carried a real passion for teaching student veterinary nurses and decided I wanted to progress my career into lecturing.

In order for her to do this, she required a little more experience with exotic species of animals and so in 2011, moved to a large busy practice in Bedford to gain a years experience working with animals such as tortoises, snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas and also some zoo animals.

I was lucky enough to assist one of the vets at Woburn Safari park in anaesthetising a Drill Monkey, which was a great experience for her!

After a busy year here, she worked at a local college and started lecturing, but after a year she realised she missed the buzz of being in a veterinary practice, with all the animals and a great team. So in 2012, she returned to Village Vet, this time at their Milton Hospital.

She now knows, that a Veterinary Practice is like a second home to me and working anywhere else simply won’t do!

During the last 2 years she has been studying hard for a further qualification, specialising in Emergency and Critical Care nursing. In September 2013, after writing 18 assignments and months of revision, she travelled all the way to “bonnie” Scotland to sit my final exams and she was pleased to say, she passed all 3 with flying colours.

Jenny now hold a Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, which she is extremely proud of. She uses the knowledge and experience gained every single day, to help nurse our patients back to health.

Outside of her career, she can be found at home with her wonderful husband and beautiful but cheeky cat Marbles. Also Jenny is now expecting our first baby at the end of June 2014!

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