Clare Belcher

I’m Clare and I have been a qualified, registered veterinary nurse since 2003. I started working for Village Vet in March 2009. I have always loved animals, and have had four cats in my own time. I love all animals (except spiders!!), but particularly cats.

I sometimes work at some of the other Village Vet branches, but I am mainly based at Winchmore Hill, where I am personally in charge of the laboratory and all our equipment and supplies for it, and I enjoy this challenge. There is nothing better for me in this job than making animals feel better and stopping any suffering, especially as they can’t tell us when they’re feeling ill. That’s the most satisfying part of my job for me.

My favourite things to do outside work are catching up with friends, going to the cinema, and going to the BAFTAs every February to meet all the Hollywood stars!

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