Alexa Selwyn

Alexa is our head vet at the Meldreth clinic, working every weekday and some Saturdays. She graduated from Bristol University in 2007 and has worked in small animal practice ever since. Alexa is keen on all aspects of small animal medicine, and has a particular interest in acupuncture as a form of pain-relief in pets. She also has a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare – behavioural issues can affect you and your pet just as strongly as any disease, so do feel free to discuss any behavioral concerns in your consultation.

Whilst Alexa’s tailess rescue cat Megs sleeps at home during the day (in a typical cat-like fashion!), you may well see her practice dog Roscoe keeping an eye on everything from behind reception – don’t be fooled by his calm appearance, he is as bouncy and mischievous as any young labrador when there are other dogs to play with! Whilst not at work, Alexa spends her time climbing, baking, and playing the piano – if she isn’t busy walking the dogs…

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