Pet Health for Life – London



A health plan designed to give your pet the very best in preventative health.

Save 10% on all pet care

The Pet Health for Life is a plan designed by Village Vet to give your pet the very best in preventative health. You will have access to our expert team of veterinary health care professionals throughout the year.

Being a member of the Pet Health for Life provides exceptional value in caring for your pet. The exclusive additional offers, at highly discounted prices, help keep your pet in perfect condition and are only available to Pet Health for Life members. Because healthy pets are better behaved and greater fun to have around, we’re sure you will be an even happier owner.Brendan Robinson BVSc MRCVS
Founder of Village Vet

What’s included

  • Full Vaccine Course Included
  • Annual Booster Vaccination
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination
  • Year Round Parasite Prevention
  • 6 Month Health Check with a Vet
  • Microchip
  • Neutering Discount (10%)
  • Dental Discount (10%)
  • Consultation Discount (10%)
  • Lab Discount (10%)
  • Food Discount (in store) (10%)
  • Nail Clipping / Express Anal Glands
  • 10% Discount on Everything in Practice


The Pet Health for Life is not a pet insurance policy. The Pet Health for Life plan is a way to spread the cost of routine preventative pet care at the recommended annual doses however, it does not cover the costs of veterinary care for unexpected illness or injury to your pet. We recommend taking out separate pet insurance for this. The 10% discount applies in-store only and does not apply to online purchases, referrals or out of hours services.