Pet Hydrotherapy helps to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in pets and is also very useful for the treatment of back and neck problems, post operative recovery, weight loss and maintaining mobility in older dogs.

Aquatic Treadmill

Village Vet Highgate boasts a  state-of-the-art aquatic treadmill. The warm water used in this system helps promote blood circulation whilst helping to relax recuperating muscles. The introduction of a motorised conveyor into the bottom of a therapy machine allows the patient to exercise in a supported and controlled environment. This facilitates an early return to exercise for patients, thus reducing rehabilitation time.

Is your dog one in a million?

Of course, but did you know that over 1 million dogs in the UK have arthritis?

Our arthritis assessment can help you find out if your dog is a sufferer:

• Does your dog have difficulty standing up after a period of rest or sleep?
• Does your dog seem to have ‘slowed down’ and become less keen to exercise?
• Does your dog have difficulty jumping up, getting into the car or climbing stairs?
• Has your dog been showing signs of lameness?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions your dog could have arthritis and would benefit from a check-up at Village Vet.

If your dog suffers from pain or arthritis one of the best ways to relieve the pain is through pet hydrotherapy treatment. Please call Village Vet Highgate for more information or to arrange to visit the facilities or book an appointment.

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