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Exotic Vets for small animals, Reptiles and other Furry Pets Locating the appropriate expertise for your exotic pet can pose a challenge. However, at Village Vet, we possess experience to provide optimal care for these unique animals, ranging from the tiniest mammal to the largest snake! Book an appointment Preventative Care for Your Exotic Companion… Read more »

Small Creatures Vets in Hampstead At Village Vet, we understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes the wonderfully diverse world of exotic small creatures. Our dedicated team of vets are committed to providing care for a wide range of species, ensuring the health and well-being of your unique companions. Village… Read more »

Reptile Vets in Hampstead Village Vet has a team of dedicated and passionate veterinarians who understand the importance of your reptile pets’ needs and care. Our services are diverse, providing care tailored to all unique needs to improve the health and happiness of your reptile friends. We see snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, tortoises and turtles… Read more »

At Village Vets our nursing team provides a range of services to complement our vet team in providing the best possible advice, treatment and care for your pet. Our veterinary nursing team provides the following two main types of service – consultations and clinics: Consultations: Second vaccinations Repeat Medications Nail clippings Anal gland expression Microchipping… Read more »

Your feline friend can be at risk of contracting parasites all year round with them being ever-present in our environment. However, regularly providing them with tick, flea and worm treatment is the best way to protect them, your home and yourselves from infestation. All year-round flea, tick and worming treatment is just one of the… Read more »

Dogs are at risk of contracting parasites as they are ever-present in our environment, but you can keep your pet safe by regularly providing them with tick, flea and worm treatment. All year-round flea, tick and worming treatment is just one of the many benefits of joining our Pet Health for Life Plan. Sign up… Read more »