Your pet may be one of thousands in the UK that have a long term or chronic health condition.  The good news is that, as with human medicine, many of these illnesses and conditions can be managed in the long term through using the right medication, as advised by your vet. Unfortunately the cost of… Read more »

Guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas have open root teeth, that never stop growing. When the teeth are not in correct alignment they overgrow and malocclusion develops. Small mammals with overgrown teeth are usually off their food, salivate excessively, lose weight and become depressed or even bad tempered. Congenital disorders from inbreeding, jaw or tooth damage… Read more »

Freshwater turtles are a diverse group of reptiles which make interesting, long-lived pets and are relatively easy to keep. However, they are frequently inadequately maintained and many die in their first couple of years due to inadequate captive care. It is therefore important that careful consideration is given to correct husbandry of these species before… Read more »