Celebrating World Book Day 2024 with Village Vet


Happy World Book Day to our wonderful clients at Village Vet. Join us as we celebrate our favourite fictional pets. In this article we also explore how we can all take the lessons that we learn from our beloved fictional pets into our everyday lives. Whether you are a fan of the classics such as… Read more »

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Pet Medication: Our Top Tips for Getting Your Pet to Take Their Medicine


We understand that getting your furry friend to take their medication can sometimes feel like a challenge. Here we’ve compiled a handy guide to help make giving your pet medicine a much smoother experience for both of you.

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New Year Resolutions For Pet Owners


Welcoming the New Year with resolutions for both you and your pets As we step into a brand-new year, many of us will set new year resolutions to make positive changes in our lives. Why should this be any different for our family pets? Making resolutions for yourself and your pets can create healthy and… Read more »

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Importance of pet insurance


We believe that pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Owning a pet is hugely rewarding, but it can also be expensive if they are to suffer an illness or injury. Having a good pet insurance policy allows you to concentrate on what’s best for your pet while knowing help is there… Read more »

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What to consider before getting a new pet


Essential research There are many things to consider before you commit to a new pet and research is one of the best ways to prepare yourself. If you already have pets, then understanding how introducing a new pet could impact or affect your current animals is one important consideration. When choosing a pet, your decisions… Read more »

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Festive opening hours 2023


As we head into the festive season, we want to reassure you that we will still be here for you and your pet, however, with some slightly different opening hours than normal. Please see below our opening times over Christmas and New Year. Practice Name Sunday 24 December Monday 25 December Tuesday 26 December Wednesday… Read more »

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The best products you need for your senior pet this Christmas


Caring for your senior pet A dog or cat is considered senior after around 7 years of age, depending on the breed. Their needs may change as they get older, and you may need to care for them in different ways and make things more accessible. A senior pet may need more rest and comfort.… Read more »

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Important Information


Over the last year, we have seen our costs increase significantly and we have absorbed the majority of these additional costs to try and support our customers during difficult times. However, with costs continuing to escalate, our prices need to increase to offset at least some of these higher costs. These changes will be implemented… Read more »

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Turkey the dog rushed to Cambridge Vets needing urgent treatment for Addison’s disease


Quick-thinking staff at Village Vet in Cambridgeshire needed all their problem solving and communication skills to avert a life-threatening situation for a seriously ill dog.   Eleven-year-old Shiba Inu, called Turkey, needed urgent treatment for Addison’s disease, a potentially life-threatening disorder of the adrenal glands. However, the team at Village Vet in Cambridge ran into… Read more »

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Pet antibiotic resistance – how can we safeguard our future?


Pet antibiotic resistance – how can we safeguard our future? What does antibiotic resistance mean? Antibiotics can be effective at treating bacterial infections. However, over time bacteria can evolve to become resistant to some antibiotics, making them less effective. The more we use antibiotics then the more quickly bacteria may adapt.

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