How to cut the cost of your pet’s long-term healthcare


Your pet may be one of thousands in the UK that have a long term or chronic health condition.  The good news is that, as with human medicine, many of these illnesses and conditions can be managed in the long term through using the right medication, as advised by your vet.

Unfortunately the cost of your pet’s long-term treatment can mount up over time, and medication charges may or may not be covered even if your pet is insured.  Many pet owners are tempted to go onto the Internet to look for cheaper medication, but how reliable are the substitute products you may find on online pharmacies – are you getting what you pay for?

At Village Vet, we are proud that we are able to offer veterinary prescription drugs direct to you, our client, cheaper than the majority of veterinary practices via our own Village Vet online Pet Portal, Pharmacy and Shop.

We spent more than three years creating this special feature, which offers you the right drugs (not cheap imports, nor generic copies or even fake drugs) for your pet, and the knowledge you can contact our vets and nurses at your local Village Vet practice if you have any queries.

So why are the drugs much cheaper through our client-only online portal than in our practices?

There are a number of reasons, including the cost of qualified vets and nurses, rent and rates for the building, equipment and facilities, and the fact that we need to keep large stock holdings in every practice, with any out of date stock being disposed. To do this at each and every surgery is expensive, so we have to charge a dispensing fee.

Our online shop follows the same strict laws and guidelines, except we know what we have to order and we have been paid before we place the order. When you purchase drugs from our online shop, the drugs you purchased will automatically appear in your pet’s clinical records on our computer system. This way, we have complete clinical records and if your pet is insured, this can be claimed easily. These drugs are from the same source as all our Village Vet drugs and we are able to offer them to you cheaper than most veterinary surgeries.

If your pet is on a long-term treatment, start saving money on the right medications that your pet needs – visit our Online Portal and Pharmacy.