Has your pet made lockdown pawesome? Pamper them at home!


Our pets really are our best friends and they’ve been by our sides helping to keep us company throughout lockdown. They truly are amazing creatures!

So, if you’re looking to give your furry friend an extra special treat to thank them for their loyalty, love and constant affection, then Sainsbury’s Bank have created a lovely Pamper Your Pet at home guide which includes lots of bark and purr-worthy suggestions which will get mouths drooling in no time!

The guide includes homemade luxury treats, birthday cake recipes for extra special occasions and even pet-friendly booze suggestions if you’d like your pet to join you at wine o’clock (human alcohol is not suitable for pets, of course!).

Pupcakes recipe: 

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

Cat cake recipe:

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

We’ll be trying out some of these biscuit recipes soon!

A list of some unlikely and often overlook healthy treat options, including vegetable peelings and cooked jacket potato skins, are also included. Whilst these might not be appealing to us, our pets often love them!

You might also just want to buy a special gift for your furry friend. Which pup wouldn’t love an at-home spa day? Or a photo cushion of it’s mum and dad?

Gifts for pets:

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

Check out the Pamper Your Pet guide for more recommendations.