Getting the best value for you and your pet



Our Health Clubs for puppies, kittens and adult animals provide great savings on all the routine health needs such as flea and worm control, vaccinations and regular visits. They also provide discounts on services and great offers available only to club members all for an economical monthly payment.

As we are quieter at some times throughout the day we have appointments available on Tuesday to Thursday afternoons at most clinics when we offer vaccinations at a reduced price. Our staff can discuss these when you call to book.

Routine dental care is crucial for the health and welfare pet, so if you join our adult health club  we have a special low price for  a routine scale and polish  to help you make sure you’re pet’s teeth stay in top condition.

Prevention is always better than cure and making sure your pet is free from fleas and worms not only saves your pet discomfort but can also avoid larger vets bills. Our staff can advice which of the modern parasite controls is best suited for your animals lifestyle and why not pop in for a free nurse clinic to make sure we have their weight correct and be shown how to properly administer the product

Large bills can always occur and our vets and facilities mean that we can offer so much more in times of need. That’s why we always recommend you consider a good quality pet insurance that means that if a problem does occur, the cost is the least of your worries and the best care is available.