AfriCat Foundation and Scottish Wildcat Action




Village Vet is taking a cat-friendly approach across practices and as part of this, we have chosen to support two cat charities – but not ones that support your average domestic cat.

The first of these two charities is AfriCat, which was founded in 1991 in Central Namibia. They provide environmental education programmes for students and farmers to help them better understand the nature of carnivores and they also support local farming communities in dealing with human-wildlife conflict issues. They run an extensive large carnivore research programme and the team operates a carefully managed rescue and release programme. AfriCat offers farmers a variety of effective farm management techniques that helps them to protect their livestock from attacks from the big cats like lions and leopards.

The second charity is Scottish Wildcat Action. Launching in 2015, the overall project aim is to run a conservation and breeding programme, carry out extensive research and to reduce the risks to the Scottish Wildcat through disease and breeding with feral domestic cats. Their action plan is the first evidence-based national activity plan that represents the contributions of leading wildcat experts from over 20 key organisations.

We will provide more information about how we are going to support these two charities in the coming months. In the meantime, please visit their websites to find out more.

AfriCat and

Scottish Wildcat Action