24 Hour Hospitals at Christmas


With the Christmas and New Year Holidays approaching many people will be spending the time at home with the families and pets. But please spare a thought for our Emergency Teams who we be staffing our 24 Hour Hospitals round the clock all through the festive period. These dedicated nurse and vets ensure that if you and your pet need help then it’s there.

Our teams are trained to deal with the wide range of problems that can occur at any time, from some very serious conditions right down to those niggling issues that just won’t wait till everyone’s back at work. Because our staff work proper night and days shifts they are always awake and available to help. That is why it’s no trouble to us if you call for advice, even if your not sure it’s an emergency. In fact we’d much prefer the call as sometimes a bit of advice can sort the issue out much easier than waiting till it gets worse.

Working Christmas day is an unusual experience. When most people can relax or start to prepare for festivities, you have to get to the hospital to start your shift. Taking over from the night team, the vets and nurses have to ensure all the inpatients are comfortable and continue their treatments. Then the calls will come in. And it’s at that point our staff know it’s all worthwhile because that’s when they can really help.

We are lucky we have this team of dedicated nurses and vets who understand that by forgoing the usual festivities they can make a real difference for pets and their owners .

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