24 Hour Care Transforming St Alban’s


Dr Russell Welsh, Partner Vet at Village Vet St Alban’s writes:-

russell welsh PB, BP, Cayton 1

Our 24 hours emergency service has now been running for the last 5 months. It has gone from strength to strength and has been extremely well received by our wonderful clients, as well as being used by non-registered clients from the local area. Our entire team has worked so hard to offer the best care to our clients and their pets, and I am really proud of where we are and what we have achieved in the last 5 months!
The level of care we now offer has exceeded even my expectations. We are caring for and successfully treating some extremely ill animals, which in the past would have been sent elsewhere for their care. It is a well-documented fact that the speed at which an emergency is dealt with, as well as the level of care they receive, influences the outcome. We are well set up to deliver both of these factors. We are local so your pet can be seen quickly . We also have a dedicated team of emergency night vets and nurses backed-up by an emergency and critical care specialist that gives us the level of expertise too. If you would like to see behind the scenes at the hospital, check out the walk through tour on our homepage

We are now able to give day and night care to all our patients needing hospitalisation and treatment, making sure that they have round the clock care and treatment. They are never on their own without any veterinary supervision!

Village Vet St Albans Hospital

Village Vet St Alabans 24 hour hospital

It has been an exciting 5 months, and we are continuing to develop our day and night services to help our clients. I have made a huge investment both financially and physically to develop this service and I hope that we are meeting and exceeding your valued expectations.

I have included a testimonial from Mitch’s owner, a greyhound discharged from our hospital on Friday. He was with us for over 12 days. Mitch was extremely ill after being bitten and attacked by another dog. He had several emergency surgeries, a feeding tube to help him eat, a urinary catheter to help him Urinate and special pain medication given via a constant infusion to remove his pain. It was doubtful as to whether he would survive due to the extent of his injuries, but due to the level of care and treatment he received, he walked out of the surgery 12 days later! We are so pleased that we were able to help him and his owner in the way we did…