A Message From Our Founder


Welcome to 2017, and what an exciting year this is likely to be. I want to discuss three important points.

Emergency Care

We at Village Vet have developed and expanded our expertise and resources into providing quality Emergency Veterinary Care in London, St Albans and Cambridge. We select vets who want to specialise in Emergency and Brendan_JazzCritical Care and nurses who know and understand what is required to care for these acutely ill pets. I personally gasp in amazement at how our success rate in saving these critically ill pets has increased dramatically. Seeing the right vet at the right emergency hospital is the difference between life and death. It is as simple as that. If the vet you see recognises the problem and has the ability and the resources to treat quickly and efficiently the chances that your pet will survive are greatly enhanced. (such as a dog that had a clot in an artery in its lung that was diagnosed so quickly at our Hampstead Hospital its life was saved) This is what Village Vet can provide. When your pet is acutely ill, I know that there is no better place for you to come to at any hour of the day. Emergency medicine is not just being available at night, it is being available 24/7, having additional vets who are not consulting all day, ready to treat. We at Village Vet are unique in primary care veterinary practice in London, St Albans and Cambridge, in being able to supply this level of care 24/7 at our Emergency Hospitals.


This is an App that we at Village Vet have developed. This is a way you have important details of your pets’ clinical history on your phone, such as when the next vaccination is due. You can contact us via Skype, SMS, Email and phone, you can purchase prescriptions including flea and worm treatments, food and repeat order of drugs for your pet at reduced cost to you. You will soon be able to see your next appointment and make an appointment plus so much more. Please download this App (iOS and Android) – Mypetportal and start using it.


With the advances that are taking place at such a pace, and having the ability to save pets that previously were euthanized, the cost of veterinary care will keep going up. We recommend that clients look at the leading suppliers of pet insurance via vets and make sure that you get a policy that is a “Whole life” policy. Beware of policies that have very low rates. Rather pay a bit more and have peace of mind that the cover you have bought will provide payment when you need it. Here are some insurance options to consider.

I have no doubt that 2017 will bring in new advances in veterinary medicine and you can be sure that Village Vet will be at the vanguard, providing the best possible care for you and your pets.

Happy New Year

Brendan Robinson