Health examinations

Health examinations

15 Minutes that could save your pets life

Village Vet recommends that your pet has a 15 minute health check at least once a year (but ideally every 6 months). Whilst clearly very important, the vaccination that your pet receives every year is only a very small part of the consultation. The examination that we carry out at the same time is actually the most important part of preventative health care for your pet.

Animals are not always very good at telling us when they are poorly. Futhermore, an animal that is in pain often becomes quiet rather than obviously eliciting signs of distress. It is for these reasons that your pet should have a regular veterinary examination – this will help detect abnormalities or conditions that might otherwise be missed by even the most experienced of pet owners. Most likely we can give your pet a clean bill of health, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your pet is fit and healthy. But otherwise we can intervene early, saving your pet undue stress and you extra expense.

During your pet’s health examination, we can discuss all areas of preventative health care including:

  • Flea prevention and worm treatment
  • Dental care
  • Vaccination
  • Nutrition

Just 15 minutes twice a year could save your pet from much pain and discomfort, and may even save its life.