Xray & Digital Radiography

Xray & Digital Radiography

Looking inside with X-rays

Here, at the Village Vet, x-rays can be read and interpreted by designated veterinarians with advanced post-graduate qualifications in this specialist field. X-ray is a vital diagnostic tool in the investigation of disease and also in the screening of healthy animals. Please let us know if you would like to view your pet’s x-rays.

Digital Radiography

Veterinary Medicine is moving at tremendous pace – Village Vet always aims to be at the forefront by offering your pet the best facilities and care available. The majority of our London clinics have Digital X-ray facilities. Much like digital photography, digital radiography removes the need for processing of films and means that X-ray images are instantly available for examination by our vets and visible on all computer screens within the practice. We can also send these to our specialist referral centre in London, London Vet Specialists, should this be required.

CT Radiography

On some occasions 3D cross-sectional imaging could provide further important information in the management of your pets condition. Luckily this advanced equipment  is also available in the Village Vet Family at London Vet Specialists

Other advantages include:

• Lower exposure means that procedure is safer for pets
• Superior image quality
• Perfect images can be more easily obtained in one go – making accurate diagnosis quicker
• More environmentally friendly as no need for chemicals
• Images can be stored and retrieved more easily
• Images can be transferred between vets of our groups and with specialists anywhere around the world for second opinions

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