Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

If you have an exotic pet (i.e. reptiles, birds, small mammals and fish), you can now benefit from the exotic pet service at the Village Vet Hampstead. In many cases it is difficult for the owner to identify early signs of illness in these animals and veterinary treatment is sought at too late a stage. It is very important therefore to seek regular veterinary advice and health checks and to learn how the animal is normally (appearance, behaviour, feeding etc.), as any deviation could indicate illness.

Avian Pets Expertise

Jamie Rushton has avian expertise and a very keen ineterst in avian medicine, including a post graduate qualificiation in Avian medicine. Jamie is a Member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians. Jamie particularly focuses on Avian Behavioural problems but is happy to see clients with all avian enquiries.

Jamie is now consulting at the Village Vet Hampstead, during the practices normal working hours – call 0207 794 4948 to make an appointment. Clients may also be referred to him by their local Village Vet.

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