Your pet may appear to be behaving badly, but it is important to understand why problems are occurring. Our experts can help to get things back to normal, often with just one visit.

Is your pet having problems?

There are many behavioural problems that pets can display, from nervousness, a dislike of car travel and resisting toilet training, to tendencies of aggression, destructiveness, and self-mutilation. If you are struggling to understand what your pet is doing and why, or the problem is stressful, we advise seeking expert advice as early on as possible.

We check out any related health issues…

As your first port of call, our vets can give your pet a check-up to see if the problem might be related to an underlying medical condition. Once this is ruled out, we can offer a referral for a consultation with a qualified pet behaviour practitioner. Some pet insurance companies do include behavioural problems within their policies, so you may be able to reclaim part of the cost of any treatment.

… and refer you to a qualified expert

Our pet behavioural counsellors are experienced in treating all species of companion pets.

Village Vet is proud to have recognised pet behaviour experts on our referral team, as well as our own highly-trained vet nurses who are working towards a qualification.

We’re here to support you

A private consultation can be arranged, and an effective treatment plan devised for you. Often only one consultation will be needed, but extra support by phone and email is available. Both you and your vet will get a report detailing treatment recommendations – which many clients find helpful in ensuring everything goes according to plan!

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